What is a Four-Point Welder for Window Machinery?

When it comes to understanding window equipment, a four-point welder is one of those incredibly handy welding machines you should keep in mind. Four-point welders help to make window and door manufacturing operations incredibly efficient. So, what is a four-point welder?

A four point welder creates a frame for your windows in a single motion. It welds all four corners of a window frame or sash at once, allowing for simple and repetitive action in your window production line. 

Below, we will go through different components worth being aware of in a four-point welding machine. We will also delve into the welding process to ensure you understand how this works. 

How Does A Four-Point Welder Work?

A four-point welding machine works using a process called “parallel welding.” 

Parallel welding creates a synchronous welding process that bonds all four corners at once. This enables an incredibly strong bond, making window frames and sashes incredibly sturdy. 

The welding of vinyl profile is a common part of this welding production process. As a result, four-point welders help in the mass production in of window machinery lines. 

These lines come in both horizontal four-point welders and vertical four-point welders. Both work in similar capacities, but vertical lines typically save space and cost more money. 

A high-quality four-point welder also works in seam cleaning, creating an immediately professional look. 

What Should I Look for in a Good Four-Point Welder?

A good four-point welder means different things to different people. Here’s a quick roundup of what you should keep in mind when buying one: 

The Size Capacity of the Welder

First, you should look at windows that meet the size capacity you are looking for. If you install commercial office windows, you ideally should be looking for something larger.

If you are installing front door windows, a four-point welder in a smaller size might fit you more. If you are all over the place, you need one that’s flexible. Keep an eye open for maximum and minimum weld sizes. 

You should also look for specific beam sizes, which can come in both primary and secondary forms. Flexible beam sizes allow you to work with many variations. 

Vertical or Horizontal Operation

If you need any machine for welding, you should look for something that fits. Horizontal frame welders are usually more convenient and cheaper. They also work with more standardized lines. 

On the other hand, vertical welders are great at space saving. If you already have a vertical glass line, you’ll want to stick with the same direction. 

Open-Head Design

An open-head design allows for simple maintenance. This means you spend less time cracking open the machine should something go awry. Instead, your technicians can focus on getting back to work. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a four-corner welder and want to save money, the best way you can do that is by buying used. For the best used window equipment, keep an eye on Window Machinery Direct. Thanks for reading!