How To Sell Window Machinery Quickly and Easily

How To Sell Window Machinery Quickly and Easily

Selling heavy-duty window machines can be complicated. Unlike selling your used TV, you can plop it on the Facebook marketplace and expect 20 responses. Instead, you have to go through the specialist route to ensure you get this equipment in front of the right eyes. So, how do you sell window machinery? 

First, it’s best to understand where to sell it. Window Machinery Direct offers to handle the sale process for you, so that is an easy first step. You also want to have maintenance records, part replacement records, and high-quality pictures ready for use. 

Prospective buyers are going to expect to get something worth their time. To paint the right picture for your prospective buyers, we will go through some of the best suggestions we have for selling used window equipment quickly. 

Window Equipment Selling Advice: Be Aware of the Market

The first step of handling any items for sale is to understand the market. Whether you are selling glass cutters or other machines for windows, knowing where to start is essential. 

Often, the biggest mistake someone makes is to assume that they can sell their machinery at a cost similar to the purchase price. Many times, people will run price comparisons and decide to buy the new one as a result. 

Utilize online resources to find out how much your model of machine sells for on the market. Once you have that information, you can become more competitive.

Appearances are Everything – Clean your Machine

The sale of any simple machine can potentially increase the production speed for the buyer. However, they aren’t likely to buy something that looks like it spends time in the back collecting dust. 

Your first step in selling any glass equipment will be to make it pretty. That means you need to perform a detailed cleaning of all surfaces. 

It would be best if you also considered dusting the mechanical components of these machines. A thorough dusting and surface cleaning will show that you care about the details. Cleaning will make them more confident before and after the item arrives. 

When Selling Glass Machinery, Keep Your Records

When it comes to selling window equipment, you need to keep all of your records. As a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping thorough records. 

Regular maintenance encourages the buyer. Helping them understand you prioritize keeping machines in good order. If you have regular maintenance checkups, the new buyer will likely want to look at them. 

You should also keep records of any parts replacement. If you have a new edge in your glass cutter, it may excuse you from having a higher price than average. Overall, you need to justify your reasoning for selecting that price if you don’t want the other party to have more leverage when talking your listing price down. 

When Selling Window Machinery, Be Ready To Help Out

Whenever you sell machines for window creation or cleaning, there’s at least some part of this that’s a job for the buyer. If the buyer thinks it’s too inconvenient to snag, they might be willing to check on local dealers. They might even be ready to go with other options if they make it more convenient for them. 

Whenever you sell anything huge, you want to try and make things easier on the buyer. At the very least, you should consider helping the person load.

If the other party asks you to deliver, see about collecting payment upfront. There’s no shame in charging someone for your time. Your time is valuable. Make sure the other party knows this. 

Sell a Machine Without Problems 

When selling used window machines, the buyer knows that they are purchasing something as is. However, suppose their window production machinery isn’t working when it arrives. In that case, they’ll do what they can to get their money back. 

Always sell functioning machines. Even if you’ve performed a maintenance inspection recently, performing another inspection on top of that. If you manage to find some things to fix and choose to ignore them, you risk dealing with an argumentative buyer.

If you don’t want to fix problems, be aware that you will receive pressure to take a significant mark-down on whatever you sell. People typically don’t want to buy something that doesn’t work unless it’s a steal. 

Final Thoughts

When selling machines for window making or cleaning, be sure you have everything addressed before making a sale. Deciding to make a sale with worn parts is one way you’ll get to deal with buyers asking for their money back. A complete inspection and regular maintenance records will prevent buyers from coming back.

To encourage a sale, don’t forget to clean your device and take high-quality pictures. Also, take a video showing the window machine in action. 

If you want some help getting the sale in front of the right audience, contact us at Window Machinery Direct. We will help you ensure the right people see what you have to sell.